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Ovakvo nešto?

Samo to je kaby ploča jel, ali ima na nabavi uglavnom, a i na tržnici sam vidio.
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The Exiled
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Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 ... Review?
There has been a lot of behind the scenes things going on with the Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming. Having spotted so many problems with the original model we have been constantly liaising with our local Gigabyte contact to ensure that this revised model allowed the top of the line Gigabyte Z370 to flourish to the heights it should reach. We were assured that the issues noticed had been solved, the whole power phase element redesigned, that, in short, this was a new beast and worthy of an entire "two point oh" version. We had barely scratched the surface of the AUG 2.0 before it became crystal clear that the flaws of the original hadn't been fixed. Not remotely. Perhaps worst of all is the fact that even the safety procedures where the motherboard will automatically either throttle everything or shut down entirely to save your hardware seem to still not be in place.

Gigabyte had set that to 105c on the original which once we had tested and informed them of the issues their answer was to just increase the limit to 125c. Sadly that limit is still in place on the V2.0. Now the Mosfets are rated for 125c but the issue is that the actual mosfets will be running 10-15c hotter than the probe will be reporting (the probe is on the motherboard not the actualy mosfet) It would be bad enough if it shut off all the time, but to merrily melt everything in a ten mile radius is a bit ridiculous. The only possible scenario in which we could even cautiously recommend the Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 is one in which you solely browse the internet, or perhaps use a single core or two at stock speeds.
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O majke ti, sta su oni napravili od ploce. Vrm se pece do tocke taljenja.
A ja mislio da je moja sa 42c u idleu i 75c nakon 2 ure kodiranja u adobeu po proslogodisnjem toplinskom valu u sobi bez klime puno.

"If I had a gun with 2 bullets, and I was in a room with Hitler, BinLaden and Casey Hudson, I would shoot Casey twice." - me

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