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Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis

G. Ford: Whether it is Virtua Tennis, Mario Tennis, or even Pong, I simply find something soothing about these games' back-and-forth struggles. And it does not just mean I played with Table Tennis (can you believe this is from the house which Grand Theft Auto built?) Other editors became mesmerized with the sometimes long, systematic rallies. If you interested in table tennis read my blog.

Table Tennis is a full-scale simulation of this apparently simple sport. We're talking buttons (or the right analog stick) for back-, high -, and sidespin, and bumpers and triggers for soft shots and high-definition focus shots. Similarly, the detailed character models prove vital to plan. Your competitor's body language gives you a great sign of approaching backhands or forehands, allowing you to position yourself appropriately.

And while it's conceivable you'll be playing head-to-head matches obsessively, you truly have no other choice. Bare-bones features include just exhibition, tournament, and internet play. I have ta wonder, where's the dorm-room staple 2-on-2 match? (or beer pong, for that matter? For shame, Rockstar.) The lower $40 price point helps to counter these drawbacks, which is fairly good for a game that could so easily suck in the two sports along with your nongaming pals. Looking for information to table tennis at:

Jennifer: This is what players should have in mind when they think of"casual" games. Table Tennis is not all about images, though what's here is perfectly good. It is not about firearms and ammo or perfectly timed jumps, though it's definitely skill based. It's not all about kill-or-be-killed deathmatch, even though it's highly aggressive. It is easy for any moron to pick up and play, but it rewards focus and specialization. I spent most of my time in multiplayer games, and if I was playing a practiced pro or any nongaming friend who happened to drop in, games were fierce, fun, and inconsistent. Table Tennis isn't next-gen in the traditional sense, but that I expect it's at the forefront of the next generation of casual games.

Jay: When it comes to creating a true table tennis simulation game, Rockstar aced it. Characters move and sweat with nearly creepy realism, and the physics are spot on. As a result of this easy-to-learn but amazingly deep controllers, you're going to be volleying backhanded topspins and power serves in moments. Much like in real life, however, Ping Pong is served with friends, and Table Tennis shines in multiplayer. The internet tournaments play beautifully, as well as the spectator mode allows you to watch movies, bouncing between camera angles with ease. I can not help but think that Table Tennis might have been improved as an Xbox Live Arcade title given its simple setup and feature set, but if you like this underappreciated sport, the near-budget price makes it worthwhile. Read more how to clean ping pong paddle PingpongStart

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