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Doink the Clown 07.01.2011. 17:23

Informacije, testovi i recenzije zračnih i vodenih hladnjaka

Zalman's new CNPS11X Extreme features a custom heatpipe and a V-shaped dual heatsink design.

Thursday during CES 2011, Zalman introduced a new CPU cooler using a V-shaped dual heatsink design. Called the CNPS11X Extreme, the heatsink is made of pure copper and aluminum, weighs 600g and measures 135 (L) x 80(W) x 154(H)-mm.
According to the company, the V-shape design dramatically increases cooling performance by increasing the "Thermal Control Area" of the heatsink which in turn increases airflow and reduces noisy turbulence. The design also uses denser heatsink fins which prevent loss of surface area for maximum heat dissipation without sacrificing cooling efficiency.
The Zalman CNPS11X Extreme series CPU cooler also features the company's "Composite Heatpipe" design. This utilizes two combined components: a "Sintered Metal" type wick that generates outstanding capillary pumping performance, and the high thermal conductive design of the "Axial Grooves" which increases the heat transfer rate by 50-percent compared to ordinary heatpipes.
In addition to the design and custom heatpipe, Zalman's new V-shaped CPU heatsink also sports black-pearl nickel plating, an ultra-quiet 120-mm blue LED PWM fan, high-performance super thermal grease ZM-STG2M, and a heat dissipation area of 7,600-cm2.
Although Zalman did not provide pricing or availability, the heatsink joins other featured products at the show including the CNPS7X Performa/LED heatsink, the CNPS5X SZ, the Z9 and Z9 Plus chassis, the hefty-but-tasty GS1200 chassis and more.


Dottore 17.01.2011. 17:22

Antec Kuhler H2O 920 and 620

Antec will have two products upon release, the Kuhler H2O 920 and Kuhler H2O 620, both based on a 3rd generation Asetek all-in-one design that brings a few unique changes over previous generations.

Both units include the same low profile integrated pump & block system and feature a 120mm radiator (heat exchanger), while the Kuhler 920 doubles the thickness of the rad over the 620 and features a push-pull airflow fan configuration.

Antec Kuhler H2O 920 and 620


Asetek ih proizvodi. Corsair ih kupuje pa prepakira svojim imenom. :)
Prodaja kreće krajem ovog mjeseca, a cijene još nisu objavljene.

Doink the Clown 18.01.2011. 21:20

Cooler Master Ships 120 mm Turbine Master Fans

Cooler Master shipped its Turbine Master 120 mm series fans. As the name suggests, the fan has many blades (16 in number), shaped to look like an aircraft turbine. This design allows the fan to achieve high air flow at lower rotation speeds. The Turbine Master 120 is available in two variants based on rotation speed: Mach 0.8, that spins at 800 rpm, Mach 1.2 with 1200 rpm speed, and Mach 1.8 with 1800 rpm speed. Of these, only the 1200 rpm variant is out now, with the other two slated for a little later.

The Turbine Master 120 Mach 1.2 with its 1200 rpm rotational speed pushes 56.5 CFM of air with a rated noise output of 21.1 dBA. The fan uses a round frame with holes for 120 mm spacing, with both rubber and metal screws bundled. The motor uses a barometric ball bearing with a high lifespan. It uses standard 3-pin fan input, but a Molex to 3-pin cable is bundled. The impeller is detachable to help clean better. The Cooler Master Turbine Master 120 Mach 1.2 fan is priced at US $16.


nino 18.01.2011. 21:28

Vec vidjeno kod Aerocool ventova.

Dottore 18.01.2011. 23:20

Corsair H60

Izvor : vr-zone.com

Službeni : Corsair

hari123 19.01.2011. 01:09

da li se jedan vent 80mm smije prikljucit na jedan prikljucak od 6pin od grafe , imaju dva 3pinska

Doink the Clown 20.01.2011. 19:59

EverCool Intros Transformer 3 CPU Cooler

EverCool announced its latest CPU cooler, part of its Transformer series, the Transformer 3. It features similar design and styling as the Transformer 4. As the number next to "Transformer" indicates, this cooler uses three heat-pipes compared to 4 on its bigger sibling. Measuring 130 x 161 x 78.5 mm, the heatsink weighs 630 g. The three 6 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes are evenly spread along the plane of the aluminum fins, and make direct contact with the CPU at the base. A 120 mm chrome-plated fan is in charge of ventilation, it spins at speeds between 800 and 2200 RPM, is PWM-controlled, and has a rated noise output of 15~34 dBA. It is compatible with all current sockets including LGA1366, LGA1155/LGA1156, LGA775, AM3/AM2+/AM2. The company did not give out pricing.

xulos 21.01.2011. 13:04

Znam da je OT ali morao sam :D :D :


Doink the Clown 25.01.2011. 16:14

Scythe Announces Setsugen 2 VGA Cooler

The Japanese cooler manufacturer Scythe presents a new graphics card cooler called Setsugen 2. The successor of the popular and award-winning Setsugen 1, improving the well-known basic design and is highly compatible with current graphics cards. Four copper-heatpipes distribute heat generated by the graphics card over the entire surface of the cooler. The direct heat dissipation is achieved by a fanned arrangment of the heatpipes. Thanks to this well-balanced heat distribution, the air flow of the built-in 120 mm Slip Stream Slim fan is used with maximum efficiency despite the small dimensions of the heat sink. Low height of only 33 mm allows easy trouble-free SLI / Crossfire mode.

For the active cooling a Slip Stream 120 mm Slim fan with only 12 mm height is used, which allows a speed control range of 800 (± 20%) to 2,000 rpm (± 10%). Thus an air flow of 19.40 to 45.47 CFM / 32-76 m³/hr is generated. Fan speed is controlled by a rotary potentiometer which is easily accessible via a PCI slot bracket on the back of the PC. This allows the user to find the ideal compromise between performance and noise level (from 19.53 to 33.67 dBA) for his system.

For Setsugen 2 a revised version of the U.M.C.P. (Universal Multi-Platform Compatibility Plate) mounting mechanism is used. Two different mounting-plates in connection with the universal backplate provide not only simple and easy bolt assembly, but also an almost across the board compatibility with standard ATI® and NVIDIA® graphics cards. The compatibly list contains among others the ATI® Radeon® HD 5750 / HD 5770 / HD 5830 / HD 5850 / HD 5870 / HD 6950 / HD 6970 and Nvidia® GeForce® GTX 460 / GTX 465 / GTX 470 graphic crads. (See specifications for full compatibility list) Included with the Setsugen 2 graphics card cooler are several aluminum memory heat sinks and special heat sink for VRAM and voltage regulators. Original Scythe thermal compound and a PCI-Express extension cable are supplied as well.

New Scythe Setsugen 2 VGA Cooler (Model No. SCVSG-2000) is already available for 38.90 EUR (excluding VAT).

Product Details
  • Model Name: Setsugen 2
  • Model No.: SCVSG-2000
  • Compatibility:o NVIDIA: Geforce Fx5900 /6600 /6800 /7300 /7600 /7800 / 7900 /8500 /8600 /8800GTS (G92) /8800 GT (G92) 8800 (G80) /9600 GT /9600 GSO /9800 GT /9800 GTX /9800 GTX+ /GTS 250 /GTX 260 /GTX 275 /GTX 280 /GTX 285 /GTX 460 /GTX 465 /GTX 470

    o ATI: 9*** /X*** /X1300 /X1600 /X1650 /X1800 /X1900 /X1950 /HD 2600 /HD 2900XT /HD 3650 /HD 3850 /HD 3870 /HD 4770 /HD 4830 /HD 4850 /HD 4870 /HD 4890 /HD 5750 /HD 5770 /HD 5830 /HD 5850 /HD 5870 /HD6950 / HD6970 (Note: VGA Heatsink compatible with HD 6850/6870,VRAM Heatsink not included)
  • Overall Dimensions: 176 x 33x 139 mm / 6.93 x 5.47 x 1.30 in
  • Weight: 435 g / 15.34 oz.
  • SLI & CF Compatibility: Yes
  • Supplied Fan: Scythe Slip Stream Slim 120 mm (with fan controller)
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 12 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.47 in
  • Fan Speed: 800 (± 30%) ~ 2,000 rpm (± 10%)
  • Noise Level: 19.53 ~ 33.67 dBA
  • Air Flow: 19.40 ~ 45.47 CFM

http://tpucdn.com/img/11-01-25/185a_thm.jpg http://tpucdn.com/img/11-01-25/185b_thm.jpg http://tpucdn.com/img/11-01-25/185c_thm.jpg


Schtefek 30.01.2011. 16:13


Autor Doink the Clown (Post 1480003)

Znam da malo kasnim, nemojte mi to zamjerit, ali kaj nije ovaj identičan ovom Thermalright Ultra 120

Schtefek 30.01.2011. 16:31


Hmm zanimljive specifikcije/features, bas me zanima cijena kad dodje u nas.
Zanima me jel ima kod nas za kupiti ovaj ventilator gdje? Jel toliko dobar koliko ga reklamira Zalman?
Koji je Ventilator najbolji i najtiši na tržištu, cijena nije bitna?

kasko 31.01.2011. 22:54

Molim preporuku hladnjaka za AM2/AM3 socket do maksimalno 450-500 kn da ima ventilator na sebi ili posebno. Hladio bi AMD x6 1055 laganini 24/7 overclock.

Svi dućani u Zagrebu i okolici dolaze u obzir.

Sn4k3 31.01.2011. 23:11

Za lagani oc i to pogotovo Phenoma II ti ne triba cooler od 450-500kn (osim ako u buducnosti ne mislis dobrano oc'ati), dovoljan bi bija jedan ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa koji ima odlican omjer ulozeno/dobiveno ili
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. Ako svejedno zelis skuplji cooler onda Scythe Yasya SCYS-1000 ili ZALMAN CNPS10X Quiet...

Doink the Clown 01.02.2011. 00:12


Autor Schtefek (Post 1836913)
Znam da malo kasnim, nemojte mi to zamjerit, ali kaj nije ovaj identičan ovom Thermalright Ultra 120

Najočitija razlika ti je u pajpovima; Cogage ih ima 4 a TRUE 6 :)

MAGARAC 01.02.2011. 01:53

U pravu je. Isti je kao i "stari" ultra 120 sa 4 pipea, koji nije isti kao truljo sa 6.

Bullet1 01.02.2011. 02:06


Autor Doink the Clown (Post 1838020)
Najočitija razlika ti je u pajpovima; Cogage ih ima 4 a TRUE 6 :)

Kenjčino stara.. Imaš TRUE i TRU. :p
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme vs. Thermalright Ultra 120

Doink the Clown 01.02.2011. 09:26


Autor Bullet1 (Post 1838075)
Kenjčino stara.. Imaš TRUE i TRU. :p
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme vs. Thermalright Ultra 120

Kenjavče :D
Ja sam usporedio sa svojim hladnjakom, što sad cjepidlačite :D

dejanbinladen 01.02.2011. 13:34

taj cougage je kopija muxa120

Doink the Clown 03.02.2011. 10:38

Koolance Intros High-Flow 120 mm, 184 CFM Fan
Evo jedan helić za OC ekipu :)


Enthusiast PC cooling expert Koolance introduced its latest product, a 120 mm high-flow fan for cases, air-coolers, and radiators, but we're inclined to think it's designed to let users make the most out of smaller 2-fan radiators. The FAN-12038HBK-184 from Koolance measures 120 x 120 x 38 mm, it draws power from a 3-pin fan header and includes speed monitoring. With a top-speed of 4,000 RPM, the fan can push 184 CFM of air with a rated maximum noise output of 59 dBA. Since it spins at tremendously high speeds and uses a high amperage motor (2.0A), Koolance cautions its users to use a grill along with it, as its blades pose a safety hazard. At $11.99, the Koolance FAN-12038HBK-184 is relatively affordable compared to similar fans from Sanyo-Denki/San-Ace, Delta, PanaFlo, or Yate Loon.

Čevap 03.02.2011. 11:31

Di se mogu nabavit ovakve stvarčice?

BojanZD 03.02.2011. 11:42

U HR sigurno ne...za svaku pizdariju moraš van granica ili prek neta naručivat!

Schtefek 03.02.2011. 12:15


Autor dejanbinladen (Post 1838272)
taj cougage je kopija muxa120

Muxa 120 ??? koji je to hladnjak? jel bolji ili lošiji od TRU?

Pupo 03.02.2011. 12:21


Autor Doink the Clown (Post 1839931)

Ima dobar komentar ispod objave


At that price this will be very popular with the extreme crowd. Well, would if they didn't already own a zillion high flow fans.
Onak, disu bili prije. Ak su ljudi u HR uspjeli nabavit delte koje su htjeli i koliko su htjeli, znači da ih vjerojatno već imaju i u zanzibaru.


Autor Schtefek (Post 1840027)
Muxa 120 ??? koji je to hladnjak? jel bolji ili lošiji od TRU?

Pa de idi makar na službeni web vidjeti o čemu se radi


Schtefek 04.02.2011. 09:37

Pa nemoj da se ljutiš :chears:
Nisam skužil da je proizvođač isti, a izgleda lepo ta muxa, i vent mi se čini solidan, ali na izgled:fiju:

Sn4k3 04.02.2011. 11:55

Heh, nhf ali ko jos gleda izgled danas, imho efikasnost je na 1. mistu a ako uz to jos i dobro izgleda - super. Rewieve mozes naravno naci na netu... Da, slazem se da je hladnjak dosta dobar, ali uz ostale poput zalmana performe i sl. koji imaju bolji omjer bang for buck (a performanse ne zaostaju), tesko ga je preporuciti..

Schtefek 04.02.2011. 14:36

Kad smo već kod toga, ja imam na svom procu Sythe Gama Cross, onaj veliki hladnjak koji ima na sebi 140mm vent, po vašem mišljenju dobar ili baš i ne?

Doink the Clown 04.02.2011. 18:18

Thermalright Archon CPU Cooler



baban 07.02.2011. 21:02


120 mm Fan Roundup, Part I: 1350 RPM or Lower Rotation Speed

Today we are going to discuss 18 fan models with rotation speeds of 1350 RPM or lower. We will check out their acoustic performance and airflow readings.

120 mm Fan Roundup, Part 2: 1350 RPM or Higher Rotation Speed

We continue testing 120 mm fans and today we are going to check out 32 models, which rotation speed exceeds 1350 RPM. We will check out their acoustic performance and airflow

source: X-bit labs

baban 15.02.2011. 19:55

Prolimatech Genesis





Doink the Clown 15.02.2011. 20:06

EKL Unveils Alpenfohn Peter GPU Heatsink

Cooling specialist EKL unveiled the Alpenfohn Peter, a high-end VGA cooler which the company plans to release at this year's CeBIT event, in March. Visualized in CGI drawings below, Alpenfohn Peter is a large GPU heatsink which could span across the length of most high-end graphics cards. It makes use of two high-density aluminum fin arrays that use a zig-zag fin design to add turbulence and improve heat dissipation. Heat is conveyed to the two fin arrays by six nickel-plated copper heat-pipes that pass through the GPU block. For ventilation, Alpenfohn Peter will be the first VGA heatsink to use two massive 140 mm fans that latch on to it using a PCI bracket with a rail fastening system. The Alpenfohn Peter should be compatible with most square GPUs. More info and pictures at CeBIT.
http://tpucdn.com/img/11-02-15/60a_thm.jpg http://tpucdn.com/img/11-02-15/60b_thm.jpg http://tpucdn.com/img/11-02-15/60c_thm.jpg http://tpucdn.com/img/11-02-15/60d_thm.jpg


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