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    Zagreb, Croatia
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    Remember the first dance we shared?
    Recall the night you melted my ugliness away?
    The night you left with a kiss so kind
    Only a send of beauty left behind

    Ah dear friend I remember the night
    The moon and the dreams we shared
    Your trembling paw in my hand
    Dreaming of that northern land
    Touching me with a kiss of a beast

    I know my dreams are made of you
    Of you and only for you
    Your ocean pulls me under
    Your voice tears me asunder
    Love me before the last petal falls

    As a world without a glance
    Of the ocean's fair expanse
    Such the world would be
    If no love did flow in thee
    But as my heart is occupied
    Your love for me now has to die
    Forgive me I need more than you can offer me


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